Who we are?

We are a brand creating minimal daily wear apparels which the environment appreciates too. Yes, we’re a sustainable clothing brand. We intend to give back the love that the nature has always bestowed upon us. ‘Patrah’ which means “Natural” in Sanskrit, exudes love for the environment. It is essential for us that our work only has a positive impact on the environment. It is also important, we embrace and outstandingly implement on the fact that fashion can be a full circle. That’s why our mission is to educate everyone and accepting that ‘Sustainability’ is of paramount importance in today’s time.

We all know that with time everything deteriorates before it grows again, including Nature and its resources. But the pollution which gets created each and every day is only speeding up the process of deterioration. We believe sustainability is the key to undo the damage done in the past few years. Pursuing sustainability is the best way to move forward, envisioning a better standard of living for us and our future generations.

The fashion industry, unfortunately, is among the top 5 waste producing industries in the world, profiting at the expense of the environment. We couldn’t imagine ourselves contributing more towards the waste being produced already. This was the perfect opportunity for us to make a difference and we wouldn’t let that go at any cost. Hence, we decided to come up with new fabrics which are 100% natural and ‘Biodegradable’. To be honest we’re proud of our fabrics because they are made of Organic cotton and the dyes used in them only contain natural ingredients. These fabrics are softer, more durable and ‘Eco-friendly’. Another thing we’re extremely proud about, is that our fabrics also sustain the dying art of ’Handloom’. A cultural heritage, the art of handloom is being replaced by machines. Working closely with these genius artisans, we’ve realized that they can no longer be compromised. The handloom industry was previously run by artisanal families. These families have passed down the wisdom and artisanal skills from one generation to another because they immensely respect and value this form of art. That’s when we began to educate ourselves about the importance of sustaining both the art and the artisans. We wanted you to see and feel the fabrics too, showcasing their skills, their hard work, their love for intricate detailing and help you realize it’s worth. Although we’re living in modern times, embracing classic methods is the need of the hour.

Choosing sustainability as a path has enlightened us to follow our passion with a good conscience. The clothes that we make can be worn daily, encouraging sustainable fashion to be a perpetual habit. Sustainability is the future. So join us in this beautiful venture of creating environmental harmony. Honestly, you will feel good from within, we assure you.

What do we do?

Since we are an ethical clothing brand, we take thoughtful measures to produce every garment. We wish to persuade people to make sustainable choices and bring them together to revolutionize the way the world works, sustain resources and increase the quality of life on earth. We believe in ‘Slow fashion’ that is to embrace long-lasting, durable clothes that will always be in vogue and avoiding tons and tons of waste which corrupts our planet’s resources.

  • We create daily wears for a greater and positive impact on the environment.
  • We use Handloom fabrics that also help generate income for heritage artisans.
  • We use natural and eco-friendly dyes.
  • Raw materials of our sustainable fabrics are grown in drought-prone areas.
  • Our designs are Timeless, encouraging everyone to embrace slow fashion.
  • Our garments are Biodegradable.

Why choose us?

Patrah was incepted as a brand because we wanted to adopt an eco-friendly approach to fashion. Our goal is to Sustain. Sustain the environment by making use of biodegradable fabrics. Sustain the art of Handloom. And also sustain the artisans making high quality fabrics. With every purchase you make at Patrah you’re helping the artisans sustain their art and also providing for their families. Our initiative to generate income for the artisans has helped many artisans in keeping their heritage art alive. Your contribution will only add to the glory of beautiful craftsmanship and diligence of the artisans.