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Minimal Striped Handloom Scarf
Minimal Striped Handloom Scarf
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College Dream, Love for Crafts: Patrah's Journey

In 2018, ignited by founder's college dream to work with Indian crafts, our small business came to life. With a passion for preserving heritage, we set out to infuse artisanal charm into everyday attire. Inspired by sustainable living and slow fashion, our vision flourished into a globally recognized brand, redefining style with thoughtful craftsmanship.

Have purchased some printed shirts from Patrah. Loved the light weight fabric. It was really comfortable.

Vinod Sivakumar


A Step Towards Sustainability

In our journey, every choice is intentional. From sourcing fabrics from artisans to small batch productions, employing natural dyes, and opting for biodegradable materials with plastic-free packaging, each decision reflects our commitment.

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